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Using AHAH to add multiple new fields


I'm looking for help using AHAH to add new fields, much like when you have a node fields with an unlimited number of values. There is a button that says 'Add Another Item'. How can I implement this / where is the code in core that I can examine?


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Add-another and node form

Hi Jeff-

Add another works just like the examples in the Examples project: Use a AHAH-enabled submit button, and build the form with another <whatever> field. Essentially, you're driving it with a submit instead of a select or checkbox like in the example.

The D7 AJAX example has an explicit example of add-more - You may want to roll it for D6 and we'll add it to the Examples.


Contribute to Examples project

Thanks for the link! The central location for these examples became the Examples project some years ago... Could you provide a patch over there? It would be great to see this for Drupal 7 as well, as 6 is nearly obsolete.