Eclipse for PHP Editing and Debugging


I used to use the Zend platform for PHP/Drupal debugging, but they ended my support and it seemed like it never worked quite right, so while we were in Argentina I took on the significant task of making Eclipse work as a debugging environment. I eventually succeeded, but now that I'm wedded to Eclipse I'm having to learn lots about it as a working environment. It's amazingly complex and frustrating, but also very powerful.

Today I've been watching a fine series on the basics of the workbench done by Mark Dexter. It is amazing how much they can stuff into a developer's IDE. Even though I'm well along the learning curve with Eclipse I still learned lots from this.

What in the world have I been up to?


You probably know that Nancy and I spent two years on our bicycles riding from the far north of Canada to Argentina in South America. You can read all about the adventure on

Even before we got back, I restarted my Drupal development consulting (Drupal is a Content Management System and web development environment) and have been plenty busy in the intervening time. It's been my intent to list some of the projects and learning here, but to this point I haven't done it. Maybe now :-)


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