Drupal Governance Working Group Update (Meeting this Tuesday 2012-05-29)

Update: The process has moved on, including the sprint and a proposal coming out of the sprint and a BOF at Drupalcon Munich.

Dries, the leader of the Drupal project, has put his full weight behind the governance initiative, and we have a sprint planned for July 16-17, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, USA. (The sprint will be during OSCON and immediately following the Community Leadership Summit.) Dries, Angie Byron, Greg Dunlap (heyrocker), and I have committed to work on governance issues and strategies those two days.

If you are interested in participating in the Governance Sprint, please nominate yourself (or others) in the issue.

This coming Tuesday, May 29, we will have a public online meeting to plan the agenda and structure of the sprint. You are invited. It will be at 10am US PT via call-in and IRC, IRC: #drupal-governance
Call-in: +1 (605) 562-3000 Participant Access Code: 273211#. See the full details.

Our basic goals for the sprint and this initiative in general are:

  1. Processes to create and maintain policies
  2. A process for resolving technical conflicts (which is already RTBC, see issue)
  3. A process for resolving community conflicts
  4. A team to handle the "OH SHIT" moments

If you're interested in how the community works and committed to its success, you may want to scan the governance issue queue for the topics that are being discussed there. And you may want to get involved in this process.


by Mile23 on Fri, 2012-05-25 19:27

Oo... CLS looks interesting. Thanks.

by jeni_d on Tue, 2012-09-04 06:02

Missed to attend this. Could you please tell me the highlights of this event ?

by rfay on Tue, 2012-09-04 08:01

I added links to the sprint and its outcomes at the top of the article. Thanks for the prod.

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