Accessing OSUOSL Supercell to manage Testbots

Note that this documentation has been moved to and will be maintained there.

Since the testbots run on the OSUOSL Infrastructure you have to get through an authenticated proxy to access them. This article explains how to do that. The information will land on when I can figure out a place for it.

First, you need a Supercell account. To get one:

  1. Create an account on the Supercell documentation site. Visit and register an account.
  2. Visit the actual Supercell management site and create an account.
  3. Email to request that these two accounts be activated
  4. OSL will activate the account and reply
  5. If you need privileges to create virtual machines, find rfay or jthorson and ask to be added to the administrative group.
  6. If you need ssh access to the testbots, open an issue in the testbot queue requesting that you be added to the .ssh/authorized_keys on the testbots. Please provide your ssh key in the issue.

Now to use your supercell account, you'll need to configure your own system and add your ssh pubkey to the ganetti interface. Log into and visit, which explains this one-time process:

  1. Install the connect-proxy tool (works on Linux, MacOS, and Windows). (apt-get install connect-proxy, yum install connect-proxy, install it with Cygwin, etc.)
  2. Configure your .ssh/config file so that connections to .osuosl.test automatically go through a connect-proxy wrapper.
    Host *.osuosl.test 10.20.

    ProxyCommand connect-proxy -R both -5 -S localhost:8080 %h %p
  3. Add your ssh pubkey to the Ganeti web manager (Log in to ganetti, click your username in the upper right, and click "add SSH key".)

Now, every time you want access to supercell, you have to run an ssh command like this:

ssh -N -D 8080

You can do that inside a script, you can use autossh to run it, and you can have it start up automatically. Whatever works for you on your platform.

At this point you can access the testbots via http, but you need to configure a proxy.

Web browser proxy configuration is explained on the Supercell http connection page (login required). The entry-level way to do this is to change the proxy for your web browser so that it uses, port 8080, as a proxy for http requests. Since it's annoying to change this back and forth, you'll probably want to use the Foxyproxy extension (for Firefox) or SwitchySharp (for Chrome) to automatically detect connections to OSUOSL.

  1. Remember to run the ssh proxy command (perhaps you have added it to a script).
  2. Configure your web browser to use the proxy. (see screenshots below)
  3. Visit the testbot page, for example http://drupaltestbot699.osuosl.test.

Below are sample proxy configurations for MacOS and Firefox on Windows. It's pretty much the same everywhere.

For more information about the testing infrastructure, the entry point for documentation is

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